V-400 Excavator pile driver

V-400 Excavator-mounted hydraulic piling vibro-hammer attempts to drive piles by way of vibration.

V-400 Excavator-mounted hydraulic piling vibro-hammer constitutes hammer, fly jib and clamp. Due to its many merits, it is agreeable for various piling operations and construction environments.

Technical Data

Model: V-400
Eccentric Moment(kgm): 8
Frequency(rpm): 2400
Centrifugal force(kN): 595
Hydraulic system operation pressure(bar): 300
Hydraulic system oil flow(lpm): 258
(excluding clamp and vice arm)
Excavator Weight(t): 40~45
Size (mm)
(measure with C15 clamp)
Clamp Model/weight(kg): C16/500KG
Vice arm Model/weight(kg):  A250/600KG

Standard components

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