V-250 Excavator hydraulic vibro hammer

V-250 Excavator mounted vibratory hammer is used with excavator and installed on the first end of excavator. It’s equipped with rotation gear box which can rotate 360 degree, with left and right rotating 180 degree each. And also Elastomer, which can reduce shock.

Technical Data

Model: V-250
Eccentric Moment(kgm): 5
Frequency(rpm): 2400
Centrifugal force(kN): 390
Hydraulic system operation pressure(bar): 280
Hydraulic system oil flow(lpm): 132
(excluding clamp and vice arm)
Excavator Weight(t): 20~25
Size (mm)
(measure with C15 clamp)
Clamp Model/weight(kg): C15/455KG
Vice arm Model/weight(kg):  A200/500KG

Standard components

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